The 2nd Annual
Black and Green Anarchist Gathering

WHEN: August 1st-8th, 2004

WHERE: The Southern Cascades of Oregon please note: for security purposes information regarding the location won't be given till immediately before the gathering. there will be information posted, but there should be a number of rendevous points. please check the site for updates, but DO NOT e-mail us asking for a specific location!

The Black and Green Network is facilitating a week-long gathering in the beautifully wild southern Cascades of Oregon. After taking part in the various anarchist and environmental events and conferences, we felt that there was a need to have a gathering focusing solely on what seems to fall through the cracks: rewilding, physically, mentally, and spiritually. From this came the idea for last years successful gathering in Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to help bring people into a wild environment, to break down mediation between ourselves and our world, and to encourage active participation with it. The gathering will provide an introduction to the various strands of anti-civilization thought, as well as being an in-depth forum for discussing and developing the theoretical and practical aspects of anarcho-primitivism/green anarchy (though not exclusively). We will focus on trying to connect face-to-face and deal with issues that are brought up within the critiques and practice, making stronger connections with one another, and applying our visions to our lives.

There will be a heavy emphasis on primitive skill-sharing and collective experience. We are hoping to create an environment where people are willing to share, grow, and have a good time. The entire event is centered on active participation and we hope that people will bring their knowledge and experience, as well as being prepared to be relatively self-sufficient.

Some food will be provided (probably some sort of morning gruel, snacks and a dinner each day), but for the most part, bring what you need, including (depending on how domesticated you are): several layers of warm clothes (its high elevation, so it can get cold at night), sun block (especially for you pale ones), sleeping bag or blankets, tent or tarp, flashlight, batteries, sturdy boots, eating utensils and bowl, water filter, mini-shovel, toilet paper, snacks and food, water containers, notebooks, pencils, pocket knife, musical instruments, friends and family, special skills and knowledge, and an enthusiastic and participatory attitude.

The site has wonderful swimming, hiking, and a natural spring. It is a wild place which needs to be treated with care and respect, seriously folks. It is about a mile and a half hike in, so dont bring excessive @#%$ you dont want to lug around, and try to leave the canine friends at home if possible. It will also be at the height of fire season, so extra care will be necessary (including no personal fires). Please leave weapons and heavy drugs at home, and abusive behaviors will not be tolerated.

The location and directions will be revealed one week prior to the gathering on our websites, and on our voicemail. Try to carpool, because parking is limited. Contact us if you would like to get involved in the planning.

We are also asking for serious volunteers to come to Eugene a week or two before the gathering to get final preparations together. We are looking for people to commit to: food preparation, obtaining food (rice, beans, lentils, spices, soy products, jerky, oil, canned foods, dried stuff, roots, and veggies, etc.) and cooking material (utensils, pots, pans, knives, buckets, portable stoves, and fuel), people to help with shitters and obtain material for their upkeep (shovels, wood ash, buckets, tp, soap, etc), finding a few radio/walkie-talkies and batteries, people to give more formal workshops on specific skills, folks to coordinate rides from other bioregions, publicity for the event, and, most importantly, financial contributions (consider throwing a benefit in your area).

Were looking forward to a life-altering event. See you in the wild!!

To get involved, contact:

P.O. Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440

[email protected]

voicemail: 1-866-270-1653