the directions to the site will be on the voicemail starting monday night: 866-270-1653

please dont leave any messages on there about rides. if you are planning on bringing any supplies we should know about, leave a message about that.

some things to remember to bring:

eating utensils
warm clothing
camping gear
snacks and bulk food
water bottles
pocket knife
musical instruments
ROADKILL - if you are inexperienced with this, there will be folks there to deal with it. just take garbage bags with you in your car to put critters in, or if you find a deer strap it to the top of the car. if a critter stinks a lot dont pick it up. if its hair comes out when you pull on it, its borderline. inspect it for stink and maggots. if you arent sure how old it is, but it doesnt stink too bad, bring it anyway. we can always give it a proper "burial" at the site if it's inedible.

for the sake of all, please leave disrespectful attitudes at home!

folks should know its a 1/2 mile hike in from the parking area, some of which is rather steep. so don't overpack, and take it slow.