letter received late February, 2002.

Anarchist comrade-

I am writing to you about upcoming litigation from outside support members of the Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network. We hope to sue an Oregon prison over mail and publication rejections, which have increasingly become an obstacle to our prisoner support efforts. As you may have experienced when sending materials into Oregon prisoners, the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) frequently rejects mail from anti-authoritarians, generally as "inflammatory" or as "Security Threat Group material" (i.e. as gang paraphernalia). ODOC has gone so far as to state that it "has included the group Anarchists as a Security Threat Group", a move that places prisoners who are in contact with outside radicals in jeopardy of being listed as gang members, with all that ensues in prison. We are anarchists, but feel that this issue needs to be successfully responded to, and that legal action could help as part of an overall strategy.
A lawyer has agreed to donate his labor, although we will still need to meet up to $2,000 of related expenses (help with this would be appreciated). We also need other types of solid aid - we may be abel to add the names of other parties to our legal challenge, and we ask you to consider this possibility. There is no money to be made from this effort (if we win, we'll get our expenses back), but winning will set a useful precedent for both prisoners and their allies on the outside. We request that you launch written appelas against mail rejections from Oregon prisons, stating that their censorship infringes on constitutional rights. Also mention that their censorship flies in the face of such rulings as Thornburgh v. Abbott (1989), which bars denial of material "solely because content is religious, philosophical, social or sexual, or because its content is unpopular or repugnant." Whether you are interested in joining our case or not, please start a file containing mail violation notices, the materials in question, and your written appeals. If possible, please make copies of these files and send them to our group for reference.
We are sending an alert to our Oregon prisoner contacts, and will be consulting with them as we build our case. This effort will be a focus of our group for several months. We are currently in the process of determining which ODOC prison to take action against first; no matter which is finally determined to be the most advantageous, appeals against prison censorship in all Oregon prisons are currently needed.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or want to help out. Thanks for all the effort you've been putting into your project, and anarchy and prison abolition as a whole.

In solidarity, Dave Negation

Dave Negation and APLAN
c/o 818 SW 3rd Ave PMB 354
Portland, OR 97204

As anarchists, there is the natural tendency to reject any campaigns which has a central notion of reform, since we know the State isn't likely to ever give in and if it will it's generally on a dead issue. But this case, in our eyes, is an exception to the rule.
All prisoners are regularily subjected to the harsh laws of the State and their whole lives are under harsh scrutiny. They don't have the option of picking and choosing whether or not they will pick up a certain battle, because they are forced into that concrete hell and the conditions that come along with it. They are further subjected to punishment for their part as anarchists, and for that we must stand up with them and try and break free of the isolation that the State puts on them.
If APLAN is successful with this, and we hope they are, it may be a stepping stone into making life in that concrete hell all the more bearable. Anything can happen. In solidarity, CAC