email from [email protected]

Hello everyone,

This is Jeff from Long Beach.

Yesterday two comrades from here in Long Beach were arrested and charged
with posession of explosive devices. The following is an account and what
support were asking for at this moment.

Its all commin down----

As some of you may have heard, a comrade and fellow anarchist activist, Matt
"Rampage" Lamont has been jailed very recently and remains jailed in Orange
County. He was arrested with another fellow activist and supporter of South
Bay Food Not Bombs, Max Lucas, a juvenile, also in jail in OC's juvenile
detention center. They were pulled over in La Habra and arrested after a
search of the car, revealing "gasoline cans" and they are both being charged
with possession of an explosive destructive device.

They have been in some contact with a lawyer and comrade, Jim Demaegt, who
is willing to help create and participate in a legal team to help free
Rampage and Max. We need all the support we can get right now, especially
law professors, lawyers, funds, and media contacts. We believe, as does Jim,
that this arrest is part of an ongoing conspiracy by the police and federal
officers to violate the civil rights of those involved with activism,
anarchism, and community organizing. We believe the Long Beach infoshop is
being targeted as well, as it has been the sight of police spying and
harrassment, due only to their disdaine for our political beliefs. This is
repression and it affects all of us. Any work we do to better our society is
a threat to the current system and this arrest and the ongoing harrassment
and survailence of activists is their retaliation for our efforts, proof
that they will not tolerate dissent, "free speech", or any type of activity
that encourages the rejection of the status quo. This affects the
anti-globalization movement, the animal rights movement, the workers
movements, and all the current movements toward liberation of the people of
this country and the world.

Matt and Max need our support, we cannot let them face the repression that
has been meant for all of us alone. There have been rumors that they were at
a demonstration against Nazis, but this is not true, they were pulled over
in a car, there was no demonstration. They may have been tailed, set-up, or
conspired against. This is real, the repression is serious and the
consequences of this affect us all. Please contact the Long Beach Infoshop
to see how you can help, or to make donations to the legal support fund. The
phone number is 562-434-6934 and the address is 684 Redondo Avenue, Long
Beach, CA 90815. Please forward this email to any lists you are on or anyone
you feel should hear this, especially lawyers, experienced individuals, and
political prisoner support groups.

Please feel free to responde via email as well, with questions, suggestions,
or contact information. And if anyone knows when the ACLU and the Lawyers
Guild meet, please let me or the infoshop know ASAP. We will have an info
flyer about this ASAP as well and we need help distributing it.

Thank you!