from craig "critter" marshall 11/5/02

The harrasment level has been off the hook. Did you get my letter telling you about the 2 pecker heads from the Joint Terrorism Task Force coming to question me? If not here's the condensed version. I got secretly whisked away from the prison to the state police station and no one but the transport cops and the 2 pigs from the JTTF knew where I was really going. All the paperwork said I was going to some fictional medical facility. Once I was cuffed, shackled, chained and locked securily in the back of the transport, the transport cops told me the real deal. I told them I didn't have @#%$ to say to anyone and I wanted a lawyer. They told me to tell the JTTF pigs when I got there, so I did. THe pigs told me I wasn't entitled to one. The short of it is that they offered me a get out of jail free card then tried to get me to roll over on everyone I've had a falling out wiht by trying to push my buttons. They'd really done their homework, but regardless of how pissed I am at anyone, I ain't gonna rat anyone off. I told the pigs to swallow my unborn children, go @#%$ themselves, and other assorted nicities. The pigs then threatened to wait until I'm walking out the gate here to snatch me up and hit me with federal charges for the @#%$ I'm in here for now (which technically they can do). I told them to "bring it, I'll have more time in, sitting ont he toilet jacking off than they'll be able to get me with". I stood up and asked if they were done wasting both of our time yet, they ordered me to sit down. I just about nutted up saying, " @#%$ you pig, what are ya gonna do arrest me? Are you gonna put me in prison if I don't? You forgot something punk, I'm already in prison." It felt good to release a bit of pent up anger, I was feeling pretty offended that those fuckers thought maybe for even a half a second that it was worth driving the 7 hours out here to ask me to rat out anyone. Needless to say they went home very unsatisified.


Critter has been going through tough times and the pigs think they can kick a man while he's down. These are the realities that political prisoners face, and, as Critter pointed out, they can hit him with these charges, giving a sentence close to what Jeff "Free" Luers is now looking at. We have to keep the support up and not forget about all our prisoners of war. We must show the state that we won't sit by as our comrades are getting @#%$ with in jail.

you can write critter at:
Craig Marshall #13797662
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914

Critter is currently on a 5 and a 1/2 year sentence for a 1999 arson of 3 trucks at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene, Oregon.
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