Please Support Anti-authoritarian political prisoner Harold H. Thompson

The support page for Harold has moved. The new address is:

Update: Tenneesee prisoners haves been allowed a typewriter as part of their personal property for many years. A recent change in the property rules ahs changed it so that prisoners cannot purchase typewriters or have repaired any typewriters in their possession. This is of particular importance to Harold as he drafts submissions to the courts and the access to prison owned typewriters is extremely limited. This ruling is limiting prisoners access to the courts. Please write to the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Correction, Quinton I. White, at the following address:

Quinton I. White, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Correction, 4th Floor, Rachel Jackson Building, 320 Sixth Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0465, U.S.A.

A sample letter is at the below link: