(For people near Los Angeles)

Robert Middaugh-Olivarria was served with a Federal arrest warrant over 4 years ago, aledging that he assaulted a Federal officer, wore a mask to evade recognition in the comission of a crime and carried a concealed dagger during a July Fourth Demonstration in Los Angles california. The incident in question took place in 2000 in front of the Westwood Federal building. An Anti- immigration hate group rallied on the south side of Wilshire Blvd. This was with permission granted by the Federal Authorities. Meanwhile, anti-racist demonstrators gathered on the north side of Wilshire Blvd., to conter-demonstrate against the racist anti-immigration rally. In response to racial slurs and other taunts, a contingency of anti-racist protesters crossed the street and conflict ensued. Federal Officers swiftly intervened on behalf of the anti-immigrant protesters (surprise!). During the scuffle, unknown person(s) allegedly usied unopened cans of soda as projectiles. According to the prosecution's complaint, a can exploeded and splashed one of the officers with the carbonated contents. The officer (Thomas G. goldsmith) proceeded to arrest robert for "assaulting an officer". In this case, BEING SPLASHED WITH SODA supposedly warranted Federal Assault charges. During past proceedings of court conferences leading up to trial, Robert still remains on Federal bail, but the terms of his house arrest have been lifted. TheThe charge of wearing a mask to evade recognition in the commission of a crime has been dropped. Robert's trail is to commence, following a final conference between the Federal Public defender and the Prosecutor, on January 20th 2004 at Hon. William Matthew Byrne, Jr. United states District Courthouse 312 North Spring street Los Angeles, CA 90012 at 9:00 am Robert has been active with several diverse groups and has organised around a variety of issues, such as police brutality, racism, Indigenous relocation, environmental destruction, animal rights, nuclear proliferation, and militarization of the Mexican border. The disparity in this case between what occurred and the charges filed against Robert is an outrage. clearly, he was targeted for his outspokenness and his political activities. Please show your support in the spirit of court solidarity.