JUNE Update

FERAL VISIONS against Civilization
July 27-August 3, 2005 (Wednesday to Wednesday)
Southern Appalachia (near Asheville, NC)

This is the second and last communique from the Feral Visions crew down
here in the southern Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. We
recently had a meeting, and we're getting excited about the upcoming
gathering, as well as nervous about it going smoothly and being as fun and
memorable as we can imagine. anyone who wants to come early to help us set
up and hasn't already contacted us should do so soon...

We have LOTS of information to communicate, so we'll put the most
important stuff first.

The location will be announced by July 20, both on the Feral Visions web
page, and on a toll free voicemail:
(866) 460-2945
The location is about 1 1/2 hours from Asheville, North Carolina, and the
last part of the route is a dirt road.

There is now a ridesharing board on the web page. Please use it to
consolidate cars! If you are planning to arrive some other way than a car
you will want to make arrangements for a ride to the site from a town,
either asheville, or a closer one (which will become more obvious when the
directions are out). The closest town on a paved road is about 9 miles
from the site. We'll try to pick a spot in that town (library?) where
folks can go to meet shuttles from Asheville. If you contact us as soon as
possible we will keep track of folks coming on buses or hitching or
whatever, and try to arrange rides for you. We'll announce locations and
times of shuttles from Asheville so you can plan around that.

We're keeping the schedule fairly open but still trying to create a
framework so folks know what to expect. There will be lots of space for
spontaneous scheduling. Here's what we have drafted so far:

9am Morning circle
10-12pm morning session
12-2pm lunch break (provide your own)
2-5pm afternoon session(s)
6pm Dinner

After dinner activities:
*campfire discussions on different topics, including:
-visions of rewilding in community/sharing experiences with feral living
-Challenges, benefits and consequences of confronting the physical
infastructure of Civilization

*"trading blanket" sessions... This is something we picked up at primitive
skills gatherings, where folks bring goods to trade. Usually items include
hand made crafts and tools, raw materials, or foraged foods, but there's
no limitations necessarily. Each person takes turns putting an item on the
blanket. Then we go around the circle with folks putting out something to
trade for the item, and then the original person either chooses something,
or declines the offers.

*We'll have an open mic campfire (spoken word, poetry, music) on Friday
night, and we hope to have a storytelling circle on saturday night, so
practice up on your storytelling!

Other activities:
*On wednesday there will be a fermentation skillshare where we'll make
saurkraut to share when its ready on saturday.

*We're trying to pre-schedule some kids activities, and we could really
use some folks to step up to take on some of that responsibility, along
with parents who are coming. There will be arts and crafts projects with
clay and gourds, and woods hikes led by an experienced kids eco-educator.
If you're interested in brainstorning with some parents and/or
volunteering to spend time with kids, please contact:
[email protected]

*On Thursday and Saturday we will schedule "Basics" sessions that focus on
fundamentals of anti-Civ theory, as well as earth-based living skills.

*On Saturday we'll have a wild foods and primitive cookout, so bring any
wild foods you gather on the way, or that you've preserved before and
would like to share.

here's a list of discussion topics we expect to see happen. if you have a
particular interest in any of them and want to help initiate discussions,
let us know:
-primal parenting
-feral nutrition
-basic andti-civ theory
-beyond agriculture
-symbolic culture
-moralism, ethics and nihilism
-anarchy vs. anarchism/leftism/activism
-instinctual resistance
-gender and civilization
-sexuality and relationships
-emotional recovery

*Stuff we'd like to see happen if someone offers to teach/initiate them:
-anti-civ histories (luddites, native resistance)
-self defense/martial arts

*SKILLS we definitely have instructors for:
-primitive shelters/debris huts
-hide tanning (bring your own hide or pelt!)
-wild fiber cordage
-friction fire-making
-gourd containers
-emotional reconnecting/truthspeaking
-bamboo and rivercane cup/utensil making
-using deer legs for tools
-net bags (for water bottles/gourd canteens)
-coal-burning bowls and utensils
-basketry (honeysuckle, grapevine, kudzu)
-fertility awareness and herbal birth control/abortion
-primitive trapping
-wild edible and medicinal plants
-fingerweaving (making straps from wool)
-diaper-free parenting
-primitive cooking
-rivercane blowguns and flutes ($10 materials fee)
-primitive pottery
-buckskin slings

*SKILLS we'd like to find folks to teach, incase any of you has experience
with these things, or knows of anyone who might be interested in coming:
-primitive blacksmithing
-wilderness first aid
-gourd instruments (drums, banjos)
-woodworking (bowmaking?)
-primitive weaponry

This is a big one! There will be a field kitchen where one (dinner) meal
will be cooked per day. We have meal coordinators already (we could use
one or two more as back-up) but we'll definitely need volunteers to help
each day. We have a budget we'll use to order some staples, and we plan to
get donations and buy some produce from local organic farms, but we need
all we can get. If you plan to dumpster on the way, please keep in mind
we'll be out there in the heat for a week, and the more rotten veggies
that end up there unused, the more work it is for us to bury it
afterwards. Excessive compost also attracts lots of flies. So please try
not to bring stuff that's too far gone. You'll also have to carry stuff in
a bit, though we will have a wheelbarrow. As far as the communal dinners
go, they will be mostly vegetarian/vegan. If folks bring roadkill in (that
isn't too far gone, meaning too stinky) we will cook it up as an option


-SECURITY CULTURE CONSCIOUSNESS!! If you don't know what this means, we
will have some information on it when you get there.

-EATING UTENSILS!!!!! We will not be bringing ANY extra eating utensils
for people. If you forget you will have to eat out of a leaf with twig

-WATER CONTAINERS for yourself. There are springs and a creek but you will
have to fill your own drinking water bottles. If you're nervous about
drinking from springs (the site is very clean and livestock free) you may
want to bring a water purifier or plan to boil your own water.

-MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS like drums, guitars, shakers, noisemakers, etc. We'll
have a noise symphony one night, and an open mic campfire another night.
There will also be old-time jamming going on so bring yer stringed
instruments if you want to get in on that.

-CAMPING GEAR for yourself. It will probably (definitely!) rain at least
some, so bring tarps to share with your friends, or a tent or whatever you
need to stay dry.

-KNIFE (with sharpener, or we'll have some too) and any other special
tools like awls or gouges that you have that you think may come in handy
for stuff like wood carving.

-MONEY for the infoshop (mostly zines and books, including Alive and Awol
publications, Wildroots distro, Green Anarchy distro, and Black and Green
distro). There will also be knives and some other tools and crafts for
sale there, and possibly t-shirts.


If you must, PLEASE consider keeping them on a leash if they tend to run
from you, or if they have any aggressive tendencies with other dogs or
people. We are trusting you to judge for yourself and take responsibility.

There are PDF versions of posters and handbills posted on the Feral
Visions website now that you can print out and distribute and post. Please
help us get the word out....

get in touch with us if you have more questions or ideas...
[email protected]
(866) 460-2945

See y'all in the woods!
Feral Visions 2005