Eli Stone is a great lawyer, he considered he was a pioneer in the San Francisco law firm,

services in countless major U. S. companies, eradicating the fascination of the weak company. But

after a series of hallucinations in Eli Stone dvd, Eli started to skepticism whether his life will be

much better. When he tried to acquire a deeper which means in regular life, on one hand, Eli tries

not to lose their jobs, but also to curry favor with the boss's daughter. Eli discovered with a brain

aneurysm after working experience a number of strange hallucinations, the whole thing

transformed, and he was mandated to start to reveal his life. Having said that, Dr Chan, a Chinese

acupuncture that Eli's delusions might possibly have another motive, with an exaggerated good

reason, he is a prophet. When Eli suspects his capability as a prophet, his illusion guidance him

consider the thoughts his father had presented to him, "you will do great things”, believes about his

father's written text, Eli redefines his life plans and intention of a lawyer. In opposition to the

resistance of his rough boss, future father-in-Jordan and fiancée Taylor, chose to work for the

company's old colleagues against a large customer in

Eli Stone

seasons 1-2 dvd
. Another fantasy drama holds both fantasy ingredient and captivating lawyer

expertise for all fans.


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